Johann Ployer Photography + Grafic Design - Scope of Work

INDUSTRIAL PHOTOGRAPHY industrial photographer, industry photo, industry documentaries, industry videos
ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPY architectural photographer, architectural photo, photographer of architecture, panorama photography
VIDEO PRODUCTION industry film, documentary, corporate video, image video, time-lapse videos
PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY people photography, wedding photography, wedding videos, man at work
SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY sports photo, sports documentary
NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY landscape photography
GRAPHIC DESIGN digital imaging, promotion, brochures, folders, annual reports, calendars
WEBDESIGN websites, web programming
AUSTRIA Lower Austria, Maria Enzersdorf, Mödling, near Vienna

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With photo and video production as a base and the conception, design and realization of print, web and multimedia productions as a supplement, Johann Ployer covers a wide range of advert­ising.

A degree in mechanical engineering and years of professional experience estab­lished a solid under­standing of industrial productions. The images shows the essentials and are thus ideal for the de­sign of promotional materials.

The website presents works for the industrial com­panys Bilfinger, EVN, Caverion, Liebherr, Melecs, Novartis and TECCON.

Other examples are from orders for consulting com­panies and commercial enterprises such as the civil engineers Ingenieur Büro Dr. Lang ZT-GmbH, the Practice for Craniosacral Biodynamics or the company consultant Herbert Furch.